What Is Michael Bivins’ Net Worth?

Have you ever heard of the names of the R&B bands “New Edition” and “Bell BivDeVoe”? These are prominent boy bands in the late 80s and was both founded by Michael Bivins. Who is Michael Bivins? Michael Bivins is a musician born in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States on the year 1968. Being an artist with many talents, Michael Bivins is also a music producer for many music groups and has been a manager for other bands.

The Origins Of Michael Bivins

Michael Bivins started at the music scene with his band New Edition. New Edition was just starting its first few steps performing in a local talent show when the producer of Streetwise Record Labels saw their performance and decided to take them in. As part of Streetwise Record Labels, New Direction began touring all over America to promote their first album “Candy Girl”.

The group continued to make music together and until the year 1989, the band decided to make their own single ways and announced “hiatus”. The other members of the band decided to make music together still so Bivins with other two members of the New Edition teamed up and made a new band called Bell BivDeVoe.  This new band was loved by their previous fans and has supported their music ever since. Michael Bivins net worth has increased due to the number of their successful albums all over the years. New Edition reformed in the year 1996 and continued until 2004 where the band finally decided to take a rest and go on their own separate ways.

On this day, Michael Bivins net worth is approximately at $40 Million. His past albums and affiliations have helped him accumulate a lot of money up to this day. He enjoys a married life with his wife Teasha.